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As property manager for Dart Development Group, I have oversight responsibilities for nearly 1.4 million square feet of industrial, commercial and residential property.  One thing that doesn't keep me up at night, is snow removal at our Oakwood Executive Park.  For nearly a decade, we have partnered with Cherithbrook Farm.  I sleep well all winter knowing that Matt's team will have our parking lots and sidewalks looking better than any other buildings in town.  It is Matt's pride and real ownership mentality that makes the difference.

Karl - Dart Development, Lansing

I just wanted to send a HUGE shout-out to Cherithbrook Farm for all of their work in the past 36 hours. I can’t even begin to tell you how impressed the SLB team was with them during yesterday’s storms. While just at the branch from 8:30am-3:00, we saw them 4 times and they kept everything as clean and accessible as possible. We even had a member comment on how fun they made it look. J  We’ve also seen them multiple times today and they continue to work quickly and efficiently to keep our members safe. I just wanted to share how much we appreciate all of their hard work. Thank you!

Branch Manager MSU Federal Credit Union, S.Lansing

I have worked for McKinley Properties as a Commercial Building Engineer for the past two years.  My job is to make sure that the day to day operations run as smoothly as possible. A part of that includes making sure that the lawn maintenance, snow removal, landscape improvements etc. are done properly to ensure the safety of our tenants and customers. I would just like to say that the staff at Cherithbrook continually went above and beyond to make this part of my job easy. I am currently based in Livonia. Let me just say that you don't know you've got a good thing until its gone!!! Thank you Matt for everything that you did for McKinley. You guys are second to none.

Jeff – McKinley, Inc.

First, thank you!  I know many are stressed right now with huge amount of snow we are getting and I appreciate your efforts to keep the UPS Facilities free of ice and snow.  Your efforts have a huge impact on to our operation and our employees.

James - United Parcel Service, Lansing

I have had few calls from our tenants regarding snow removal this week. I HAVE had tenants at 3695 Okemos, 2211 Association and in OPW tell me that you’re doing an awesome job and they appreciate that you have lots cleared before they arrive on these incredibly snowy days. Thank you for your hard work in such harsh conditions over the last few weeks. I borrowed some information from your email on Monday to send a mass email to all of our tenants describing the challenges and asking them to be careful, as well as understanding.

Jill – NAI Mid-Michigan, Okemos

I want to drop you a note to personally thank you and your snow team for making this weeks snow mess bearable. As a result of your efforts, the lots and walks are clean and we are receiving thank yous from several of our valued tenants. Delivering results in difficult times differentiates us. Thanks again – now get some rest.

Tricia – Martin Properties, E Lansing

I would like to thank you and your crew for the expedient and professionalism in their workmanship and cleanup.

Greg - McLaren, Greater Lansing

Thank you very much for your excellent & professional service over this last week & record storm.  Our walks/lots were in great shape during the entire weather event as was the “Warming Center” entrance walk/lot.  Please tell your families that I appreciate them for allowing you guys to do what you’re good at doing, making our property SAFE & welcoming.  Also, let your crews know that they did an incredible job against the worst of elements that we’ve had in years. My hat is off to them & their families for the giving of their time during this Christmas Holiday.   Thanks again & keep up the great job.  Blessings.

Pat – Mt Hope Church, Lansing

I cannot thank you and your staff enough for the service provided for us this morning.  Our parking lot and sidewalks were so clear you would never have guessed that it snowed heavily and schools were canceled.  The proactive planning and professionalism provided a welcoming environment for Governor Snyder and other dignitaries that attended today’s event at our headquarters.  Once again Cherithbrook Farm came through for us when needed.

Heidi – Two Men & A Truck, Lansing

Our CEO has been impressed with the lawn maintenance. He asked if you do residential work? His home is in Okemos and he was interested in some work over there. Is that something you would be interested in?

Charlie – Michigan Health and Hospital Association, Okemos

After last weekend’s snow storm and the complaints we received, i.e., “they haven’t done my driveway”, “when are they going to get here” etc….the list is a mile long….with all the other companies we contract with.  But not Cherithbrook!  They do a great job!!!

Lansing area management service provider, E.Lansing

Where on earth do you find such great young people to work for you??!! They are polite, hard working and kind. You are lucky to have them and I appreciate you sending them over so soon after my request.

Diane, Mason

I just wanted to take the time to send out a thank you to you and your crew for all you for all you do for MSUFCU.  I know that we have high demands and these daytime winter events are very hard to keep up with.  But, your guys are doing a great job.  Especially since you have had to learn all our sights.  Again, thank you for giving us your best and it means a lot to us.

Brian - MSU Federal Credit Union, E.Lansing

Hope you’re doing well. We continue to be very pleased with your crews.

Jeff - MSU James B. Henry Center, E.Lansing

Matt thank you for sending us that thought to consider.  You truly do put out 110 percent. We will consider that thought and for lawn care please get your bids to us to review. You have always been a top-notch businessman in my book. Blessings to you and your family!

Dennis – TA Forsberg, Inc., Okemos

Matt is a hands-on owner and that is evident by the dependable service and consistent attention he provides us. I appreciate the customized maintenance schedule he develops with us, which details exactly what to expect. Although the schedule can be challenging with the unpredictable weather patterns, Cherithbrook Farm never disappoints us. The lawn always looks great and is well taken care of. Our prior experience with other snow removal companies would keep us in suspense as to whether our parking lot would be plowed in time for our employees and clients. We have been with Cherithbrook for about fifteen years, and have never had to call them to clear the lot, or even a portion of the sidewalk. One of Cherithbrook’s staff is always monitoring the premises. It’s a relief for me to know that Cherithbrook is servicing our lawn care needs and taking care of us during the winter. Thank you Matt and the Cherithbrook staff.

Leslie - Johnson & Wyngaarden, P.C., Okemos

Thanks for all your above and beyond work and dedication to keeping our business open. Your crew is welcome to warm themselves any time at our facility. Keep up the great work.

Larry – McLaren Cardiovascular Group, Okemos

Matt, Just a note to tell you how pleased Jan & I are with the landscape design and work that your company did for us. Ours was a unique challenge (living in a finished barn) and your people were up to the challenge. Thanks for all of your efforts.

Al - Granger Construction, Holt

Thanks for sharing Matt’s comments. He does a great job for us and our tenants really appreciate his dedication and customer service.

Jeff – NAI, Mid-Michigan

Come see our grounds for proof of CBF’s unsurpassed creativity & quality. Come see our facility manager for praise of CBF’s unsurpassed reliability, affordability & credibility. Come see a counselor for considering anyone else for your landscape & maintenance needs.

Mount Hope Church, Lansing

I especially like how your guys go above and beyond the call of duty! Tell them I appreciate it!

Chris - Dunkin Donuts, Okemos

I haven’t had to worry about lawn maintenance or snow removal for my company since I started working with Cherithbrook Farm over 5 years ago. The job is always done right and on time!

Pam - American Collegiate Marketing, Okemos

Please continue your superior service with no changes.

Dave – Oakwood Construction Company, Okemos

Everything turned out great! The guys did a great job, and while I did not meet them in person, I wanted to pass along kudos to the blonde guy who came to do the install. Watching him interact, lead, motivate and plan with his peer was inspiring and he took great care of our home while on site.

Kelsey, Holt

I wanted to let you know what a great job that young man did that came out to plant our shrubs.  I had left when he finished, so I couldn’t thank him.  Please tell him it was a beautiful job.

Elaine, Okemos

I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with your company’s work this past season; every job performed, week in and week out, certainly met our expectations.  We certainly would like to continue working with your company next season and hope this feeling is mutual.

Brian, Haslett

Matt, Valley of Blessing looks stunning even when not in bloom. Thanks for the savings and for always looking for ways to save.

Mt Hope Church, Lansing

Our yard looks absolutely beautiful! Your guys did a great job. Thanks Matt! They did an outstanding job! Yes please let them know how pleased I am.

Jamie, Okemos

Just want to thank you for a great job. Done early as well! The guys you sent are top class.

Sten, Okemos

Thank you for your service! I have been giving your name out to anyone looking for referrals on the NextDoor app, all have been appreciative and said they enjoyed speaking with you and are confident in your team.

Darla, Okemos

Just wanted to let you know you driver did an excellent job delivering the mulch!

Bill, Okemos

The boys are here today, and doing a magnificent job.

Brett, E.Lansing

Your crew did an exceptional job on mulching our house yesterday! My husband and I want to thank you for putting us at the top of your list and ensure we got the requested mulch. All the men were so hard working and courteous that we were very impressed. Now I can get our deck furniture out and flowers in to enjoy our yard for Memorial Day weekend!

Sue, Okemos

We were so impressed with the job your fellas did with trimming.

Linda, Okemos

Dear Matt, Thrilled with how the new landscape is coming...

Theresa, Okemos

In 2005 I hired Cherithbrook Farm to landscape my front yard. This year, I brought you back to landscape my back yard as well as my mother's yard. The work performed was tremendous, but what impacted me the most was how staff went above and beyond the call of duty. My mother's home is undergoing an extensive rebuild, with messes left behind by the Board of Water and Light and the installation of a new mailbox. You cleaned up both messes...and they weren't even related to the landscaping! Thank you for your amazing service.

Ray, Holt

The owners commented on how well you’re doing with salting and snow removal this year. Thank you.

Jill - TMN Commercial, Inc.

Matt – I just wanted to let you know how absolutely pleased we are with our project. We have used several different landscape companies over the years and I can honestly say that this is the most impressed we have ever been with the results. You not only had several great suggestions for new plants, but he also made use of some of our existing plant materials. He relocated some plants, split and relocated several Hosta’s, etc. The result is that we are thrilled with how our yard looks. They treated our yard like it was their own, taking great care when mulching around perennials and cleaning up when they were done. They also walked the yard with us when they were finished to make sure they had taken care of everything we wanted. We also appreciated how they kept with our project until it was finished – not leaving things half done to go to another job site, as has been our experience too often in the past. Thank you for a job well done!

Penny, Okemos

Can you pass along to the company that does our snowplowing that they did a FANTASTIC job this morning?? I got in today around 6 a.m., and they were just finishing up the front. The side and the back parking lots were already done, which means a lot to us who park in back, and the plow job was incredible, smooth and neat, they got to all the corners and really made it look good. I drove in our lot and yelled “Wow!”, out loud, it was so good! Thanks!

(Employee) American Collegiate Marketing, Okemos, MI

Thanks for the wonderful work on the clean up from your team along with the lawn mowing~ very happy at how it turned out and the hard work put in from your team!

Guy, Okemos

We hired Cherithbrook Farm to landscape our yard after we added on to our home. We had several large issues that needed to be resolved including tree removal, drainage problems, retaining walls and clay soil. CBF designed an excellent plan that was within our budget. The plants he chose provide color to our yard in all seasons. He was conscientious of planning around our children and pets. While performing the job, the crew diligently worked on our project until it was completed. The crew members were professional and courteous. They also cleaned up at the end of each day. We have received so many complements on our years. Our family enjoys spending time outside in the warmer months and it is so awesome to look around and enjoy the view. As we think of other things to do to our yard, Cherithbrook Farm is the first place we call. It is a pleasure doing business with them.

Kerry, Okemos

I really enjoyed the services your company provided us for the past 1.5 years - my only wish is that we had found your company much much sooner.  Had we not moved, we would have definitely continued our business relationship indefinitely. The general upkeep of our property this past year was essential to the selling of our home, and we are really grateful to your company and crew for that.  I will definitely be passing on your name and number to the new buyers and recommend your services to them.

Brian, E.Lansing

So on Facebook, good friends and my former bosses were talking up their awesome lawn service person, which was you! Small world!

Wendy, Okemos

I wanted to give a shout-out to Cherithbrook Farm. They were here at Meridian Crossing on Saturday, and came in to the branch to inform us they were doing work on-site. They are professional and keep us informed, as well as asking if they can use blowers by back drives while members are not present, as they are aware the noise makes it hard to hear. They also informed us of when they would be wrapping up and heading out. Just wanted to let you know that they are great and it was truly appreciated by myself and the branch staff.

Branch Manager - MSU Federal Credit Union, Okemos

Thank you Matt for your continued business integrity.

Schroeder Homes, Okemos

We have developed a great partnership over the years, especially with snow/ice removal efforts.  Rests assured that I have no intentions of making a change.  I consider snow and ice clearing to be one of the big 3 in terms of tenant satisfaction (along with roof leaks and HVAC).  Finding an excellent vendor for these challenges is paramount to retaining tenants.  I believe we have found that with Cherithbrook Farm.

Dart Development, Lansing

By the way, on a scale of 1 to 10, working with CBF is an 11.  You are terrific.

Elaine, Okemos

Beautiful work watch for Facebook post shortly. Will mention Cherithbrook Farm.

Mike, Holt

They got it mowed Matt. Looks great man! Thank you!

Brett, Okemos

I want to pass along my thanks for the great job you and your crew have done so far this winter and am sure we here at the MDA will continue to see from your organization.

Michigan Dental Association, Okemos

The lawn looks great.  CEO has given praise on how great it looks twice!!  The beds look nice with the new mulch and the rock added to the bed that was washing out is nice.

Two Men & A Truck, Lansing

You did an absolutely amazing job today! Everything looks perfect! Thanks for your hard work and please thank your partners for me too. My husband was impressed as well.

Sue, Okemos

Matt, you really saved us from having to deal with super cold temperatures.

Carlos, Mason

I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did for us yesterday! If you can believe it, we had a deposition at our office yesterday morning at 8:30 a.m. and it was nice to find that your guys had already cleared the snow from our parking lot and sidewalks. Just thought I would let you know how much we all appreciated it.

Leslie, Johnson & Wyngaarden, P.C.

Kudos to the snow clearing crews for getting our lot and paths to the building cleared out.

TMN Builders, Okemos

Thank you for everything this past year.  We were very pleased with your crew and the way our yard looked.

Susan, Okemos

Your guys worked so hard and did a really fine job.  And they are really great young men as well!

Mary Jo, Okemos

Got home last night and everything looks really really great !

Theresa, Okemos

I just wanted to say that your guys are doing a great job at the Okemos location.

PNC Bank, Okemos

Thank you, I appreciate you and your workforce for always doing such excellent work!

McLaren, Greater Lansing

When my husband and I built our house in 2001 we put the front yard in ourselves, how hard can it be right? Well, we called Matt to do the sides and the back. WOW. I didn’t have a clue as to how much work, creativity and knowledge you needed for a yard. My yard is so thick, strong and GREEN! –If I ever move and need anything I will always call Matt first!

Lora, Perry

Thank you for great job snowplowing/salt for us this year. you guys are the real deal. appreciate knowing whenever it was needed you guys were there as we have senior citizens that don't get around that well.

Delta River Senior Village, Lansing

My husband is a business attorney and we always discuss how hard it is for companies to stay in business. To your credit, I'm glad that your company is doing so well. Your responsive to your clients is commendable! Here's to a great spring and summer season for your business!!!

Susan, Okemos

We have been very pleased with the professional service we have received from Cherithbrook Farm. Matt Reeder has understood our specific needs and has done an excellent job of achieving them. We would not hesitate to recommend CBF to any individual or business. On time, value-minded and trustworthy are just some of the reasons why they have our business.

Cornerstone Church, Okemos

We appreciate the good work you do for us here and at my sisters house


Very positive feedback from the operations folks.  Thank you.

United Parcel Service, Lansing

Just wanted to say Thank you for another great job!  I think the landscaping looks great!

ASU Group, Okemos

Thank you, Matt.  And thank you lawn crew for the good job you do.

Diane, Okemos

Several staff members have asked me to send a “Thank You” to you and your staff for having the driveways and sidewalks cleared so early in the morning.  Today, especially, they were most appreciative to have a safe travel through the parking lot and to the doors.

Two Men & A Truck, Lansing

The front flower beds do look great the guys did a real nice job. We are pleased. Thanks again.

Sandy, E.Lansing

Matt, Your crew is doing a great job.

Wheat Jeweler, Okemos

I also wanted to say that your Landscaping company does a great job. So often we hear only negative junk but they are great.

Martin Properties, Lansing

Thanks - We've been very pleased with your service to date - thank you so much.

Jonathan, Okemos

You did a great job!

Mike, Haslett

Thanks.  Your crew did an excellent job on my lawn yesterday.

Mike, Okemos

First of all, thanks for the great lawn care this summer.  We've been very happy overall with the service.

Tim, Haslett

It was such a wonderful surprise to see my lawn looking so great with all my leaves picked up when I came home from work today. I just want to say thank you for the great service you provide to your customers. I won't hesitate to recommend your company to my friends and neighbors.

James, Okemos

Did you all do all that clean-up in my yard? I pretty much started to cry I was so happy and thankful. I can't tell you enough how much your understanding and flexibility have meant to me and helped me. This house and yard are way too much for me right now, working 50-60 hours a week.  And yet, it has to be maintained somehow. I didn't get home from work til about 9 so I couldn't see all of it, but the dog run alone was amazing. Things are finally getting in order.  Thank you again so much.

Melissa, Okemos

Please share with your crew how happy all of the Henry Center partners have been with the lawn care this season. It has been a great renewal of our partnership to have your team onsite.

MSU James B Henry Center, E.Lansing

Thank you for sending the guys to fix the backyard low spot and the front yard.  They worked hard, did a great job and it looks good.  I am so glad we have professionals to help us with all of this...

Lohanna, Okemos

I was here at 8:45 last night and you were still working hard to complete the job!  I expressed my appreciation to your crew, but also wanted to thank you.!  Everything looks great!

Jeff, Lansing

Thank you, we had a wonderful experience and are really happy with the our friend’s recommendation that we use you.  We will definitely refer you to others and use you for our needs in the future.

Rebekah, Haslett

Thanks for taking care of my lawn while I was away Matt, much appreciated. Also, the stone work your team did near the playground looks great. Thanks!

Adam, Okemos

Thanks Matt. You guys do a great job and I appreciate you working with us this summer.

Mable, Okemos

The building looks great! You and your team rock.

Bryan, Okemos

No complaints here!   I am by far your toughest critic!  Yard looks great!   I had to twist my husband arm to continue this year, but your worth it!   Thanks again!

Tami, Okemos

I just wanted to tell you that your snow removal services are AWESOME!!! You do an outstanding job on our parking lot and sidewalks and it is greatly appreciated. Just wanted to say thank you for a job well done.

Samaritas, Lansing

Hi Matt. I just want to say thank you for all the great work you did on the snowplowing. I know it's a lot of work. The parking lot looks great!

Exclusive Physical Therapy, Lansing

OK so this message is from my husband, but he is in a TMN building and has leased elsewhere over the years so this comes from a business owner who is glad he can rely on you/us for such good service. He didn’t have a clear lot years ago when he was in another building. Thanks! No calls or emails this morning from anyone else. Good job on clearing last night.

NAI Mid-Michigan, Okemos

Thanks for your hard work this summer. One of my best properties, for sure.

Jeff, Brightview

Thank you for all the great work you and you company does for us.

Dart Development, Lansing

We are very pleased with the care Cherithbrook Farm takes of our parking lot and sidewalks - especially during the thaw and re-freeze situations we had this past Winter and early Spring.  Our insurance agent even commented that he was happy to see we were being so proactive in our risk management!

ASU Group, Okemos

Good morning, I was wondering if you could tell me who is in charge of the snow removal at our 2501 and 2549 buildings?  I have been very impressed with their work and would like to recommend them to CBRE for the rest of our buildings.

MPHI (tenant), Okemos

Wow with all that being said your guys have done a great job I think keeping up with a "record books winter". Thank You MATT to you and your crew!!!

Michigan Dental Association, Okemos

Nice communications. I think people appreciate honesty and it bleeds all over your letters.


Thanks, too, for doing our parking lots! What a season you have had! You’ve done a great job! Much appreciated!

Lansing Christian Schools, Lansing

What a season for snow removal … and they are predicting another 3"-6" for us tonight. Your guys do a great job keeping our lot and sidewalks clean.

Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association, Okemos

Your team did an outstanding job. All are courteous and professional. We have already used the porch several times and are planting in the raised beds. The extra perk with water in the raised beds is outstanding. I want to specifically mention your manager. I have been in management for more than 40 years. I have worked with hundreds of people. He has a unique leadership skill. He gets the job done while at the same time kept us informed of the progress and if he was late etc. Virtually unheard of in the construction industry. Despite obvious issues and setbacks, nothing was ever a problem in his mind. Please given him the greatest thank you from Marie and I. I wish I had many men like that in my companies. If you ever need any reference send it my way. I send you a check. Be safe.

Sten, Okemos

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