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Cherithbrook Farm, LLC., is a family-owned operation located in Okemos, Michigan.

Cherithbrook Farm, LLC is a family owned landscape and snow & ice management company focused on building and maintaining out-door living spaces for consumer use and enjoyment. Utilizing the authentic resources of God's creation combined with personal creativity and artistic gifts, CBF will steadily strive for project excellence, growth in consumer satisfaction, honesty, and a noble reputation while continually improving itself in efficiency and profitability. This company has been called to finance the Great Commission, determined to create healthy relationships and a prosperous work environment for its employees, and dedicated to deliver consistently superior services to its clients.

When Matt and Tara Reeder founded the CBF in 1995, they never imagined the company would flourish as it has. Today we offer a full spectrum of exterior services including lawn maintenance, landscape design & installations, and commercial snow and ice management. Over the years, we have experienced consistent and steady growth in all of our specialized industries. We truly believe we are here today because of our dedication to good relations and superior service. We’ve spent over two decades fostering relationships and building a solid reputation based on good and hard work. We have assembled a very particular and hardworking team of individuals and our combined experience, positive attitudes, and creative perspectives are what give us an edge on the competition.

The signature CBF creations you see all over Greater Lansing start with a low environmental impact design supported by sustainable landscapes and a wide variety of beautiful plants. We rely on our visionary skills to bring together an aesthetic architecture in a natural setting. No landscape challenge is too large or too small; we work with budgets of all sizes to make landscapes beautiful. We work with clients who see the true beauty life has to offer, and they expect great results because of this. We supply every client with unique designs giving the best value possible. Our work is consistently beautiful, valued, and always crafted with the consumer in mind.

Our summer services include spring and fall clean-up, manicured lawn mowing and edging, mulching, turf fertilization, plant bed weed control, and tree and shrub pruning. In the winter, we are dedicated to commercial snow and ice management. No commercial property, or parking lot is too big or too small. We have the professional manpower, the best equipment, and the salt and calcium chloride storage capacity to manage any depth of snow and ice.

We encourage you to read the testimonials and hear what our clients have to say about our loyalty and consistency. We would be honored to provide outdoor services for your commercial property or your home.

Get superior service that’s Motivated by excellence.

Our Core Values

The values that shape every member of the Cherithbrook Farm, LLC family.
Relationships. People do business with people, not companies. We love to establish friendships with employees, clients and vendors. We have built an entire company on referrals and word of mouth. Business deals and jobs may someday end but the landscapes constructed continue to live and grow, much like the relationships and personal growth continues a lifetime.
Honesty / Integrity / Dependability. Contracts, pricing and scope are in writing. We believe in setting proper expectations bonded by our word as we keep our promises. Proper planning prevents poor performance. We own our fleet and do not overbook our schedule. Our staff is screened and found trustworthy; this is the Cherithbrook family.
Gratitude. We pledge to never take an employee or customer for granted and continue to reciprocate loyalty. We are so thankful for the relationships we have built over the years with our employees and clients. It is a privilege and honor to work beside many great Team CBF members and serve so many repeat customers and companies.
Professionalism. With decades of experience in the industry, we have learned many things not otherwise taught. We are proud of our success as it’s built on the amazing work of Team CBF, finishing projects to the very end and cleaning up. We believe in training and continued education through accredited industry organizations. From RFP, to contract, to service delivery, and then invoicing… we believe excellence is a journey, never the destination.
Value. We are a value-based company. While it can sometimes be difficult to lower prices in tough economic climates, we will continue our efforts to offer more value and more service delivered at the agreed price. We believe in delivering the highest level of service per dollar spent when compared to other industry competitors.
Efficiency. Our goal has always been to be the very best at what we do. We only work in selected geographical areas with the proper tools and equipment, making our response times much quicker. We own our fleet of varied equipment, both large and small, and believe in the “right tool for the right job”. To ensure quality and longevity we believe in doing a job right the first time, even if it involves additional steps or unforeseen costs.
Technology. Keeping up with technology is huge for our Team CBF. Service records are kept in real-time formats with data archived for future billings and customer requests. We are blessed with a beautiful facility and love good tools and equipment. We maintain our own 3500-ton salt dome, liquid calcium chloride tanks and store a full year’s supply of ice melt. We blend and make our own “super-salts”. All these things make our jobs easier, delivery better, and results most excellent for the end consumer.
  • Excellence is a journey, not a destination. Strong business alliances and friendships are what keep the economic wheels of this great country turning. Our customers rely on value for their dollars, honest landscaper/snow and ice remover. Dad always told us kids: “People hire people, not companies.” This is what makes each individual employee, vendor, and client special to us. Honest people building and maintaining unique and beautiful outdoor landscapes, and managing snow and ice for good people is what we are known for. This is what we intend to keep doing for many years to come. Connect with us today to join the Cherithbrook Farm team.

    Matt Reeder
    Cherithbrook Farm

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