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What makes Cherithbrook Farm different from other snow removal companies?

We are a service provider that is motivated by excellence, not money. We are often known for our value as we strive to make management decisions with a goal of achieving the best results at the least expense to the client. We are not landscapers who plow snow in the winter; we have built an accredited and fully insured snow and ice management company. Since 1995 we have experienced continual growth in the commercial landscape maintenance and snow & ice management industries, it has been our goal to keep every past account with continued dedication to good relations and superior service. We serve the needs of professional office parks, retails stores, box stores, warehouses, manufacturing, logistics, hotels and restaurants. Snow & ice management sales contribute to well over 50% of CBF's annual revenue. While we offer a full spectrum of exterior services including commercial landscape maintenance and both commercial/residential landscape construction; we continue to invest a great deal of resources to specialize in commercial snow & ice management... our specialty!
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Why use Cherithbrook Farm for your snow & ice management needs?

  1. Honesty. We would like to prove it, but please refer to our testimonials and see what they say.
  2. Professionalism. With decades of experience in the industry we have learned some things. Opposite most of our competitors, we have built a snow & ice management company first; that also maintains landscapes. We operate by the code as accredited Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) members, a tremendous national resource for knowledge and training.
  3. Dependability. We own our fleet of loaders and trucks, of which we reserve enough time to service you without over-booking our schedule. We store our own contracted rock salt and liquid Calcium Chloride direct from the salt mining companies in our 3500 ton/11000 gallon facility at our own office four miles from the heart of Okemos. We are an Ice-melt distributor for Lansing, MI. We are here to stay and serve you with as few “middle men”, and as much storage as possible.
  4. Value. CBF is a value based company. While it can be difficult to lower prices in tough economic climates, we will continue our efforts to offer more value and more service delivered at the contract price. As an example, at no additional charge we delivered ice-melt buckets to all main doorways for personal use.
  5. Efficiency. Our goal has always been to be the very best at what we do. We will only work in selected geographical areas where we have the client density to flood the area with equipment. This makes our response times much quicker. We utilize more loaders with push boxes than plow trucks. Construction equipment is not only more dependable, but more efficient in moving 2-3 times more snow per hour and capable to handle the deepest snow storms. Stacking snow also minimizes your need for future snow removal, thus saving you money when continual storms pile up.
  6. Technology. Keeping up with technology is HUGE. Live real time data tracking is part of our record system. This information increase storm time communications and provides accurate service logs for billings and customer inquiries.

    After much research into liquid ice melting technology, we implemented the use of liquid Calcium Chloride as we “pre-wet” our rock salt with CaCl while de-icing parking lots. The results move the melting point from 20 degree Fahrenheit down to near 5 degree Fahrenheit. This addition yields a far better parking lot much faster in all conditions, even in extreme cold when rock salt does not work. The liquid moves fast and leaves more rock residual for future melt. This stretches your dollar farther as it continues to melt more snow. Some companies have moved to all liquid. De-icing with all liquid is quick acting but does not offer the rock residual that continues to melt as the snow continues to fall, creating the need to repeat service. The best option is the combination of both CaCl & rock salt.
  7. Gratitude. We pledge to never take you for granted and continue to reciprocate loyalty. We are so thankful for the relationships we have built over the years with all our repeat clients. It has been a privilege to serve so many companies in the area for their snow & ice management needs.

While today’s economic status offers enough uncertainty, one thing is certain… many businesses repeatedly continue to allow us to serve their snow & ice management and landscape needs at a retention rate over 90%. Strong business alliances and friendships are what keep the economic wheels of this great country turning. Dad always told us kids: “People hire people, not companies.” This is what makes each individual client special to us. Building unique and beautiful outdoor landscapes, maintaining them and managing snow and ice for good people and their Lansing area companies is what we have become known for. It is what we intend to keep doing for many years to come.

  • I just wanted to send a HUGE shout-out to Cherithbrook Farm for all of their work in the past 36 hours. I can’t even begin to tell you how impressed the SLB team was with them during yesterday’s storms. While just at the branch from 8:30am-3:00, we saw them 4 times and they kept everything as clean and accessible as possible. We even had a member comment on how fun they made it look. J  We’ve also seen them multiple times today and they continue to work quickly and efficiently to keep our members safe. I just wanted to share how much we appreciate all of their hard work. Thank you!

    Branch Manager - MSU Federal Credit Union, S. Lansing

  • First, thank you! I know many are stressed right now with huge amount of snow we are getting and I appreciate your efforts to keep the UPS Facilities free of ice and snow. Your efforts have a huge impact on to our operation and our employees.

    James - United Parcel Service, Lansing

  • I have had few calls from our tenants regarding snow removal this week. I HAVE had tenants at 3695 Okemos, 2211 Association and in OPW tell me that you’re doing an awesome job and they appreciate that you have lots cleared before they arrive on these incredibly snowy days. Thank you for your hard work in such harsh conditions over the last few weeks. I borrowed some information from your email on Monday to send a mass email to all of our tenants describing the challenges and asking them to be careful, as well as understanding.

    Jill – NAI Mid-Michigan, Okemos

  • I want to drop you a note to personally thank you and your snow team for making this weeks snow mess bearable. As a result of your efforts, the lots and walks are clean and we are receiving thank yous from several of our valued tenants. Delivering results in difficult times differentiates us. Thanks again – now get some rest.

    Tricia – Martin Properties, East Lansing

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